Online dating . . . weird, weird stuff.

Not bad.

Just weird.

I kinda like it.  I am considered attractive by enough people to make it interesting.

I was afraid to do it, because I am now considerably older than the age of men I prefer.  In the past 12 months, I’ve dated 30 (YM), 34 (FM), 33 (PR), 29, 29, 27, and then I’ve been in my secret relationship with the 34 year old FM.  I am . . . not in my 30s.

But, apparently, most men who find me attractive are not put off by my age.  Which is nice.

I’ve not yet found “the one.”  I am, as my best girlfriend C likes to joke, “hugging a lot of frogs.”  I am not getting involved. Not kissing them.  Not doing anything.

But, I am chatting them up. Talking on the phone. Thinking about it. Pondering possibilities.

And saying yes.

I have said yes to nearly everyone who’s asked me out.  They have to be relatively attractive, and I shut down men I would never consider very early, but I am looking upon them all as experiences, and I am saying yes.

It’s fun to date.  It’s more fun to ponder.

There are romantic adventures ahead, journeys to be made, frogs to hug . . . and eventually kiss.

This is the fun part of moving on with the moving on.