After my near-dalliance with PR, and my girlfriend C’s threat to stop talking to me if I dated him again, and BFD’s new confusing girl situation, I decided to date outside my world.

Actually, C convinced me.  Late on a Monday night the weekend after PR’s show, I created a profile.  It was hilarious.  Essentially, I took my old profile and threw it up with my current profile picture . . . and people liked it.

A lot of people.

Enough people, that I added much less attractive photos, too.

I’ve been on three dates so far.  It’s weird, and I don’t really like it.  I am quite sure I am not what these men are looking for.  I am well-suited for a rather particular type of man, and while they find me attractive, interesting, and or amusing, I’ve not really connected with anyone yet.  To be honest, I think most of them are probably looking for easy scores, which I am most assuredly not.

Except when I am. 😉

I have, so far, gone out with a fashion designer, an event producer, and an actual rock star.  Each date was fun, but, again, no love connection.  Although I thought the fashion designer liked me a lot, he’s not asked me out again.

I have dates set up every few days.

I have also gotten put into two programs on the two sites I am on.  One of them told me that “you’re hot” so we’re going to match you with even more attractive men.  Which they have.  Yowza.

The other is a more upscale site on which I met BFD, and which had a free promo last weekend.  They emailed me from their personal matching service to offer me a free month to talk to a man for whom they think I’d be perfect.  Frankly, they’re probably right — retired mogul, not that much older than BFD.

I am interested in interesting people — bonus points for attractiveness, big brains, clever banter, and successful careers.  The success thing is about how they carry themselves.  They don’t need to be financially successful, though that’s nice, of course, but to carry themselves confidently in the world.

I have a couple of dates scheduled for tomorrow and a few men in whom I am quite interested.

We shall see.