I am making myself go out on dates. My goal is two first dates per week. I am not sure whether I am succeeding or failing.

So far . . .

Week One:

Date 1: Event planner — doggie playdate — a Wednesday night, we spent 3 or 4 hours at the doggie water park with his dog and FM’s dog. He was more handsome than I expected, also awesome, also put me into friendzone.  Drove me home, as it was quite dark, hugged me in his car. I followed up via email that night, he followed up the next day. Nothing else.

Date 2: Artist/Designer — wine at wine bar — a Saturday night, this turned into a bottle of wine, dinner, and then wandering elsewhere for dessert. He had lied about his age, but he was so interesting, I didn’t much care. He made extravagant promises and plans. Kissed me at the bar and drove me homw. I followed up. He responded. No further contact.

Week Two:

Date 3: Rock Star — wine at wine bar — he picked his favorite wine bar on a Wednesday night. We met late — I’d already been drinking, he’d been in the studio all day. It took us a few minutes to relax. We drank interesting wine. He ordered food, I declined as I’d already eaten.  People wandered over the the table in the very small intimate place as we talked music. It was actually very very fun. Then, he hugged me goodbye, called me a smart kid, and sent me on my way. (Ha.)  We followed up in messages, but nothing else.

At this point, I added additional photos to my profile . . . much less attractive photos.

I also sort of lost my will to date randomly.

Date 4: Date with N — favorite downtown restaurant for his birthday — Friday. He was so handsy and overt I don’t know I can see him again.

Date 5: Tech Exec — phone date with far-away hottie — on Saturday afternoon, he called me as I was walking 20 minutes to pick up a bus to meet C so we could get to an afternoon barbecue in a crowded downtown. I talked to him to the bus, while waiting for the bus, and on the bus. We talked music. It was amazing.

Date 6: Social Media Nerd — superhandsome guy I’ve dated before — Saturday night — we had a great time after randomly bumping into each other and I am now forgiven. Or something.  So handsome. So not smart. So wildly incompatible. Sigh.

Week Three:

With a bad period afoot, I’ve spent some quality time with FM, including that kind of quality time, and lots of time at home.

Date 7: Postponed — I don’t know much about him, but we rescheduled to this Friday.

Date 8: Engineering Executive — cocktail party — late Saturday night. I was invited to a party by a man our mutual friends have been encouraging me to date. He’s very cute and looks great in a suit. He is the head of this group of young arts supporters, and he invited me to their annual kickoff party. I went with two guy friends and invited (as it was an open invite) C and our stylish gorgeous girlfriend B.  They looked amazing, and ended up leaving with a guy who’d just won a style award and a guy who owns a creative agency.  Anyway, he was working the room and at one point a stunning woman who works with him arrived.  At that point, I immediately downscaled my interaction with him, just in case there was something up. He had to give a speech, and it was … not good. But he looked great — which I told him — and I hugged him and told him the rough parts were covered by bad sound from the pa. He was so cute.  He had paid attention to a conversation I was having earlier with a group of people about food and a new favorite restaurant.  Toward the end of the party, he said, look, my schedule is crazy because of a new job I have that I didn’t want, but, let’s go to dinner at that restaurant within the next week or so.  And when he said good night, he hugged me and kissed my neck.  Well-played, my friend.

On Sunday, I went to brunch and to watch football with FM. After, we wandered to a favorite bar, where a guy in a rival jersey who’s team had been soundly beaten by FM’s, wandered over. They did guy talk. It was fun. He was . . . like a hotter version of PR. Same state of origin, but he went to grad school in my home state. He was about PR’s height, so FM towered over him.  We played a game, which I had never played before. I won, so he bought me a shot — and FM.  That then led to 4 rounds of shots in 45 minutes, which lead to me having to drive FM home quickly. Which then led to other things until he passed out cold.  The guy was annoyed.  I sort of felt bad about it and we have chatted via text and set a date for . . . Thursday, I think.

Week Four:

Tonight, Tuesday, is a guy I’ve not met in real life. We spoke on the phone last night, and he’s been texting me. I am uncertain if he’s amazing or creepy.  He’s handsome, from his pictures, like in those old school Polo Ralph Lauren ads — very preppy, great bone structure, super-waspy.  We’ll see how he looks tonight.  I am meeting him for a drink at a wine bar, knowing that my friends are showing up about 90 minutes in. If it goes well, he stays.  If not, hasta.  And, more amusingly, FM will be there, of course.  He is on a lot of sites though, and he’s a little aggressive, so I am not certain what he’s looking for. We shall see.

On Wednesday, I am going out with a creative agency executive who seems very interesting.  He’s a little older, very appropriate. We shall see.  He picked a great spot.

On Thursday, I am going out with the football guy. He’s trouble. I like it.

On Friday, I am having coffee with the guy I postponed and possibly a new guy.

Also, I have a little crush on someone who’s not yet asked me out, but he’s fascinating.  We shall see.

It’s too many dates, probably, but it’s fun to get out and meet people. For the most part, it’s just costing me time, rather than money.  I have a glass of wine, a couple of hours of conversation, and I am hugging a lot of frogs.