So, tonight, I am supposed to meet BV at my favorite wine bar in my neighborhood and then hang out with some of my friends.

But, he’s not confirmed.

And I am not happy.

I am going to go, as I was shoehorning him into my existing plans, but I am actually quite sad about it.

I’ve not heard from him since Sunday night when we had our super-intense date.  Granted, that’s a day and a half ago.  He was not been responsive last week to texts, so I am not surprised.

But, I am disappointed.

And I am quite sad about tonight.  I was looking forward to seeing him, having him meet (or see) my friends, drinking wine, and, frankly, kissing him.

Now, instead, I am bummed that he’s not confirmed something starting in under 3 hours, when I was excited enough to actually mention it to a couple of friends and admit last night that I was bringing him. Sad.

I anticipate the “so, where’s your friend?” “No idea.”

The humiliation will be brief, but it will be humiliating.

Especially because I actually liked him. At this moment, I still like him.  But as the minutes tick by, I like him less and less.

If he stands me up tonight, which looks probable, if not definite, he’ll be joining LP in the realm of men who might have been something interesting in my life.