I heard back from BV around 5 pm:

“I totally forgot. I’m sorry. I promised my parents we would skype tonight. I miaght be able to meet u there if you are going anyway. How are you????”

I kindly gave him an out:

“After all the alcohol we consumed on Sunday, i am not entirely surprised you forgot. I am going anyway and will be there until 930-10 and out after. You should come once you’re free.”

I let him know we could reschedule, but he assured me several times he wanted to come and would try to get there. He didn’t.

It’s fine.

He forgot. Which, is kinda fucked up, and not entirely surprising. I hadn’t mentioned it until this afternoon, and we were drinking heavily.

But I missed seeing him.

My schedule for the rest of the week is sort of crazy. Dinner with BFD tomorrow, a fashion thing on Thursday, an art opening on Friday, and a date with the creative exec from last Wednesday on Saturday.

I’d love to see BV again, but I have no idea when or where. I have invited someone to join me on Friday. If he declines, I might invite BV.

I’d like to think he misses me. I know I missed him.

As I am dating actively, the longer is takes for him to reschedule, the more I am seeing other people.

But, still, I like him and I am interested to see him again . . . and to see what happens next.