Now that I am actively dating in an attempt to avoid reconciling with PR, hooking up with FM, or pining over LP, I am figuring out pretty quickly what I do and do not like.

Do not like:

  • men who are too responsive or available
  • men who focus only on my “beauty”
  • men who ask very early: “why are you on this site”
  • men with too many pets
  • men with too few hobbies
  • men who use the word “freedom” in their profiles as something they can’t live without (tell your story walking, tea partier)
  • men whose entire reading lists were high school lit classics
  • men with interesting hair
  • men whose profile pictures contain photos of their children
  • men who are excessively overweight
  • men who are excessively tattooed

Do like: 

  • men who comment on something specific
  • men who remember what I’ve said is my favorite restaurant, dish, etc., and then invite me to that specific place
  • men who understand I am dating other people
  • men who have an idea of what they want
  • men who are enthusiastic about something, anything

There is a balance among characteristics that I find attractive: handsome vs brilliant vs well-educated vs interesting career vs successful vs funny vs great personality vs emotionally open.

It’s hard to say who I find attractive.  Age doesn’t matter. Level of educational achievement doesn’t matter.  Looks don’t matter.  Meaning none of them matter entirely and all of them matter a bit.