I have had a really busy afternoon and evening of work, but throughout, texts have been flying.

Brunch Date

New guy, who we shall cleverly call Brunch Date, is brilliant and hilarious, which he is continuing to prove through texts that are funny enough, I have to mute my call to laugh.  He is clever and quick.

He mentioned late that: “Am unable to formulate a witty rejoinder as I am simultaneously [work stuff, etc.],” which only encouraged me to send additional texts with additional clever responses.  I decided early on to put out that I like him in a way that’s fairly unambiguous while not completely putting it OUT there:  “My friends checked you at on [social media]. Consensus: interesting… and very handsome. (I concur.)”  His responses tracked only on the interesting part, but we’ve exchanged texts and now emails all afternoon and evening, and I am feeling better about how things are developing.  He might indeed “like-like” me.

Bon Vivant

I am also receiving lots of texts from BV.  The first was early for him: 12:44 pm.  He was responding back to a text from me at 1 am: “I’m good today. Hung over. Sorry I had to bail last night. Didn’t want to get sick in the bar”  Well, that’s understandable.  I teased him a bit and we’ve been chatting back and forth via text.

Wine Date

I received an early text from Saturday night’s date with the Wine Date.  He’s good, but he’s older and I am not sure the chemistry is there.  Saturday night was amazing though, in that the dinner was great.

Hot Young Thing

I have gotten a message from the hot young thing I bumped into on Friday night on the evening I was spending out with SD, while we sort of waiting for BV to join us.  He is someone I’d made out with in a club months ago.  He’s really handsome and really hot, with a taut, muscular body, sort of hidden by his hipsterness.  When I first met him, we’d talked music and I was oblivious that he liked me, even after he grabbed my hand to lead me to the dance floor an hour after we met, until he actually started kissing me.

I bumped into him in a tiny little hipster tattooed hip hop club at 125 am when SD and I were meeting up with some of his friends.  I asked SD if he could tell which guy I’d made out with in this club — there were maybe 30 people max — and he asked two questions and had no clue.  He was asking his third when the HYT walked up, wrapped his arms around me, and whispered, it’s been a long time.  Yeah, it has.  In fact, as he walked up, SD looked right at him and said, “well-played, dude.” Ha.  Anyway, we’d met and I was dating PR at the time, and we saw each other around town at times but it’s been a long time.

So we hung out at the back of the club, his arm often around me.  There is nothing quite as wonderful as being held by someone to whom you’re very attracted.  I got invited to the after-party thing they were doing, but the benefit of being older is I know to say no.  SD complimented my taste, too.  He said, actually, you both did well in that.


I had lunch with BFD.  He’d called me after 2 to ask what I was doing for lunch as he decided he didn’t want to work anymore.  We headed to our favorite chinese place for a great meal, during which he facetimed his new girl and had me wave to her, and we set up that we’re connected on skype.

We texted throughout the afternoon after we wrapped our excellent lunch, joking throughout.  Late, after my last conference call, I hit him on facetime and he answered … in the tub.  Which was a surprise.  He looked amazing, actually.  Those constant workouts are quite impressive.  But still, don’t answer facetime from the tub.  Sheesh.


SD and I also texted back and forth.  He and BFD grew up in the same town, and BFD is interested in knowing a bit more about SD as he’s obviously someone in my life.