On Saturday afternoon, I contacted a friend I’d never met about college football. (We graduated from rival schools and we frequently tease each other.)

He happened to be at the game and we decided on a good natured bet.

Later that night, when I was at my big fancy dinner with the Wine Date, Phone Date messaged me and we chatted a bit. He sent me his number, which I totally ignored, as I was on a date.

Tonight, he sent me a message, which then turned into messages for an hour, which then turned into text, which then immediately turned into phone, which then led to 2+ hours of video chatting.


We’d never met.  I’d never seen a photo of him, I don’t think, but I had in my head the thought that he was attractive.

He’s actually hot.  Like C, upon seeing his photo, said, “he looks like a firefighter.”  Which he does.  All bulging biceps and 8 pack abs.

He’s also an ivy-league educated professional, with an interesting job, an interesting hobby, and an excellent accent.

We have already videochatted again this morning, made plans publicly for him to hang out with my friends on Tuesday, and we cannot wait to see each other in person.

Video was my suggestion as I am getting paranoid about offlining relationships I have online.  I am getting a bit insecure about how I look.  Like if you see me in photos, you think, “beautiful” and if you see me in life you think “ugh.”  So video, no makeup, workout clothes, watching intensely and intently was perfect.

Truly perfect.

It’s possible when we meet there will be no physical chemistry, but video sort of skips over that fear of “what if he thinks i am unattractive?” We are enthralled with each other, after crushing for about . . . a year.

The best part of being open that I am online dating is that men who’ve liked me and would like to take a shot now know that the window is open.

Video date, who we’ll just call V, has always been intriguing to me intellectually.  That he’s hot, the right age for me (31 . . . yeah, I know, but it’s true), and entertaining just makes everything better.