This morning, I sent 4 text messages.

Well, I sent the same message to four people:

  • BV (the man with whom I spent most of the weekend),
  • V (who I am to see tomorrow),
  • BFD (my ex-boyfriend, who I talk to at least 5 days a week), and
  • A (my ex-husband, essentially).

The text, sent at 11:19 am: “How I win Monday: [description of rather goofy thing I had to do today out of town].  Jealous?”

V was the first response, at 11:24 am: “I am. That’s awesome, actually!”

BFD was the second, at 11:36 am: “Cost to form 2 companies in [state where his new girl lives]? Better off doing online?” He is SO weird.

A was third at 3:13 pm: “Very. How did you swing a meeting in the sticks?”

And BV . . . did not respond at all.

BV never responds. Ever. Well, rarely, but I did not really expect a response from him.  Still, I was disappointed as I’ve not spoken to him since late Saturday night when we checked in with each other via text after he went off to a birthday party he’d forgotten about and I went home to watch the second half of my game.

This is the pms talking, but I was displeased as hell that I didn’t hear from BV yesterday or today, and yet, it’s completely within how we have operated for the past three or four weeks.  He’s random and unresponsive, until he’s completely engaged. He needs me to be understanding about his jerky behavior, which he acknowledges is jerky, and which I am completely understanding about.  He knows I am not sweating him.  I know eventually he wends his way back to me over the course of the week.  And we have a date set for Saturday.  It’s sort of a big date in that he will be with me — and all of my friends.  And I do mean all.  Huge birthday party for RA, who is among my best three girlfriends.  He’s already met my guy friend SD, my ex-sweetheart FM, and my girlfriend C.

But tonight, I am annoyed with BV . . . but I am way more annoyed by V.  BV . . . is random and unresponsive, but V has been great over the past week.  Until now. He replied back this morning, sure, but I texted him about an hour and a half ago, and he’s gone dark.  He bailed on me last night after coming back from a weekend away, and now he’s only marginally responsive.  And I am annoyed.

He’s supposed to be my date for a thing tomorrow with my friends, and yet, I have no idea if he’s actually coming.  And if he’s not, then I am inviting BV, about whom I am sort of crazy.  We shall see.

Stupid pms.