When I spent the night with BV, and I brought two dresses, as we had intended that I would spend the night and we would do things downtown the next day, including watching football.

I wore a cocktail dress over after a show and party downtown . . . and I did not put back into my bag with the mutual agreement that I’d be back *(of course) and I would pick it up then.

That Friday night, we had a fabulous time. We spent the whole next day in bed as he was ailing, then we went out to dinner, went out for drinks.  After a bit of drama with his friends related to how much he sucks at answering his phones/responding to emails and texts, he handed me a $20 and sent me home in a cab when he realized he’d forgotten a friend’s birthday.

He asked me to text him when I got home.  Which I did eventually.  He responded back that his night had gotten really weird.

And that was it.

Like, I’ve not heard from him since that Saturday night.

Of course, I called him to check on him. Texted him.  I haven’t been obnoxious or demanding or anything.  And I’ve heard nothing.

Frankly, I am a little concerned about his health and well-being because even on a scale of normal to BV, he’s off the chart.  He’s terrible at keeping in touch, but he has tended to reach back out later in the week, so I was not so very concerned.

Until I didn’t hear from him at all this weekend.

At all.

Nothing to check in and say, “hey, I am alive.”  Nothing to respond back with “yeah, I am not going with you to that party on Saturday.”


So, now I have a conundrum, as I want my dress back.

He lives in a building with a concierge, so I am thinking about calling him or emailing him or texting him to say, please drop my dress in a bag and drop it at your concierge and I will pick it up on Wednesday.

I have also thought about having an intermediary contact him.  After all, we have spent significant time with three of my closest friends.

The whole thing is so weird and so disappointing.  I don’t think it was just about getting me into bed.  In fact, that we went as far as we did in bed was a surprise to us both, despite our seeing each other for nearly a month.

So, no idea what happened, and given that I am dating other people, I am disappointed but not bereft.

Assuming I get my dress back.

Thoughts on what I should do?