FM is dealing with a serious, as-yet undiagnosed health issue.

One of the suspected illnesses could affect other people.

He walked into my room late last night in tears.  As I comforted him, I could not help but think, if this is communicable, how many people will I have to tell?

We were both clean this summer.  Since then, he’s been with three people and I’ve been with two (BV and friend of a friend).

We are never as safe about these things as we should be, as the assumption (and discussion!) is always about having a clean bill of health.  BV and I discussed it on date 2, weeks before we had even kissed.  FoaF and I discussed it after the fact.

All of that to say, I am optimistic that FM’s blood work will come back clean.  If not, we have many, many problems ahead.  And several wildly uncomfortable phone calls.