It’s been two weeks since BV left.

I’ve had no word since Thanksgiving.  I texted him Friday from SD’s party, no response, but none expected.  I texted him last night to ask him to send me a resume, as we’d discussed two weeks ago.  Also no response. And no resume.

Hard to believe that a mere two weeks ago we were discussing running away together, relocating to a small city we both adore, renting a place, making a life.

Two weeks.

It was not a serious thing.  It was more of a function of his depression.

Neither of us are tied here, we both love it there, we could be very happy drinking coffee in small cafes on historic squares as we telecommute back to wherever.  I have family in the region.  It was a let’s just go.  It was as much a desperation move as his “let’s go hang at your mom’s place.”

But, we disussed both things a few times.

We actually thought about it, discussed it, talked about our favorite places there.  We toyed with the idea of escaping together to a new life.

And he’s been gone for two weeks.  And I miss him.

And I am putting him back in the little box where he was before.  The “I will still take his phone calls, I will still rescue him, but I am actively dating other people” box.

Two weeks.