For hours, I have been blushing and smiling.

FM, who saw me about 15 minutes after it happened, said it had been “days, no weeks, . . . no months since I’ve seen you this happy.”

And, he’s right.

The source of my happiness: a boy.

Of course.

But, what a boy.

I got an unexpected email this morning through facebook from someone I’ve had a crush on for a while.  He’s a chef.  In fact, he’s the chef/owner of my favorite restaurant.  I’ve only eaten there a handful of times since they opened.  It is, in my humble foodie opinion, the best restaurant in town.

PR and I were to have gone there on a date, long delayed.  The Nice Guy and I went there a bit.  The Creative Agency exec and I went there two months ago.  It’s in a different part of town than where I live and the food is so intense and so rich that I cannot conceive of eating there regularly.

The menu is ever-changing and inventive.  The chef is extraordinary, with a resume that makes me wonder why he’s not competing on top chef.  He’s that caliber of chef rock star and chef talent.  When I go, I tell the staff, whatever chef wants me to eat, I will eat.  I have tried ingredients I’d have never pondered had he not assembled them into something amazing.  I wish I could tell you some of the meals I’ve had there, but this is semi-anonymous after all.  (Comment and I will email you. 😉 )

When I go, I sit at the chef’s table.  He always sends over a ridiculous amount of food I never ordered.  We’ve spoken maybe 15 words to each other in person.

But, we’re both active on twitter, where we joke about sports, we talk about music, and we interact frequently.

(And if you follow me on twitter — both of you — you probably now know who he is.)

So, anyway, he’s married and his wife is involved in the business, so the fact he’s super hot and insanely talented means I’ve had a mild crush on him from afar.

Except, he’s not married anymore.

He friended me last week on facebook, which I thought was cool as I am clearly in awe of the dude and I love that we’re sorta friends.

I was up late last night, openly chatting with SD on twitter, as we were battling in our ongoing, never ending words with friends war, and I got a facebook message from the chef, which I didn’t see until this morning.

Chef: I have a favor to ask of you!!

[Hours later]

Me: Ask away.
Chef: Two questions and they are about ladies
Me: Ha. Okay, shoot…

[Here, I am convinced he is going to ask me about two models who openly hit on him on twitter.  And I am convinced he is going to ask me how to make them stop.  As he is married.]

Chef: Are you single?
Me: Yes, I am.

[And here, I start to sort of freak out, but I am still not convinced I know where this is heading . . .]

Chef: Well, we should get a drink sometime soon than. I became divorced in June and have be pining to ask you out.

[And now I freak out completely.]

Me: Wow, I had no idea. And yes we absolutely should. :)🙂
Chef: Here is my number and call whenever you like
Chef: Let me know when you are free
Me: Mine is […]
Me: And I have been smiling since your message.

I immediately told FM, who was beyond thrilled for me.

I told RA, who said something incredibly awesome:

 Me:  hard to explain why this is making me so giddy, but i’ve not stopped blushing in like over an hour
 RA:  it’s because he’s someone worthy of you
 Me:  omg, i love you
 RA:  lol, it’s true, that’s why.  It’s not often we find people actually worthy of us
She’s right, though.  And I am not saying that he’s worthy of me or that I am worthy of him. But, I am so charmed that someone I admire, on whom I’ve had a crush forever, felt the same way about me.  Well, the crush part, anyway.
And I have been giddy and smiling for hours . . .