Soon, I will fill in the gaps, but …

I saw BV tonight, randomly, walking through the ridiculously upscale hotel bar where RA and her friend and I were sitting to await the chef.

He didn’t see me. I was angry, but controlled it and then went to the bathroom which is where he was. I bumped into him on the way out. We talked and he was thrilled to see me. I was standoffish with him. Which made him angry.

We recovered a bit and he said he’d call me after the show he and his best friend were seeing.

I knew then I had to leave that bar to meet the chef, which was great and awkward and ended weirdly.

And then BV started texting me, which ultimately ended with him calling me, and then with our video chatting until nearly 630 am, when we finally agreed to disconnect. After we made plans for Friday night.