RA, her friend, and I head off to a restaurant to grab some late food.  It’s a neat space, and they are hosting a show.  We’re just there for the food, so the three of us get in without having to pay the cover.

RA is rather drunk by this point: lots of alcohol, very little food at our hotel party.

I take a couple of work calls in a storeroom far from the music, and then it’s about time for the Chef to arrive.  I step outside to better direct him in (and I had paid his cover ahead of time).

He shows up and he’s really hot.  And sort of shy.  I hug him and it’s cool.

I introduce him to RA and her boy, and we exchange pleasantries, but it’s super loud.

Eventually, RA and her boy leave, and we’re still on a banquette and it’s fine.  We talk sports, music, etc.  The conversation flows, but it’s kind of weird.

It’s weird because we know each other, but we’ve never hung out.

So, it’s just okay. There is some chemistry, but he’s tired, as it’s 11 and he’s there after service with a long weekend ahead.  We talk a little business actually, and I am interested in an expansion idea he has.

We wrap early and he offers to drive me home.  Our conversation flows naturally.  He drive me to my building.

He says we should grab a drink again soon.

I hug him goodbye and kiss him on the cheek.

I shoot him a perfunctory text when I get upstairs: “thanks i had a great time.”