BV had now officially missed three dates of three we scheduled. He’s not emailed me his resume. He’s not done anything.

So, I am now going silent with him.

He’s someone I may check in with weekly via text with a “alive? Well?” like LP.

I offered to drop something at his building. No response.

I am done. Again.

I feel like I don’t have a tremendous amount wrapped up in him. I guess I do but I feel like I don’t.

For now and perhaps forever, I am done.

It means I will cringe walking into unfamiliar places, or places I know he might be. I felt that tonight, as I know where we goes.

We live in a city, but we live in a small world — same restaurants, same bars, same parts of town. I bumped into him at the hotel bar. I will bump into him everywhere.

At the moment, I am sitting at the bar where we had our second date and it’s killing me. Seriously.