I have been ill for more than a week, dealing with a variety of symptoms — coughing, fever, exhaustion, etc. — and rather incapable of accomplishing anything I was supposed to.

I am finally feeling better, and tomorrow, I am going to be engaged in a fight with my business partner BP.  I am quitting this ridiculousness, in which I work hard, and he refuses to pay me, for deals where I am paid upon closing, which never actually happens.

Instead, I am looking for new work.  Interestingly, PR’s company is hiring and is looking for . . . someone exactly like me.  Seriously.  The job is so perfect that I am not going to contact PR about it.  Instead, I will probably contact SD, who PR’s company also wants to hire, and whose best friend is the CEO.  (PR is founder and owner.)

The fact is, I need to find a salaried position so that I can live a real life.  It is long past time and I need stability.  I have financial requirements and I have life goals and I am incapable of getting there as things are.

For the past couple of weeks, I have started down the road of finding an actual job.  I have some options to consider, but this week is all about putting plans into action.

There is so more happening, including LP continuing to be more present in my life amid changes in his, and the Bon Vivant refusing to communicate with me — so much for “I love you, we will still be in each other’s lives.”  But those things pale in comparison to my moving on to a new, better life overall.