When my life became more public last year thanks to friends and SOs and whatever, I stopped posting daily here.

I did, however, use some social media stuff, so I get a daily timehop email that reminds me of where I was a year ago every single day.  It’s usually sort of an amusing — oh, that was the ice day when RA and I walked downtown across a frozen bridge — or, right PR’s show — but today is different.

Today is a year to the day when I attended that party at PR’s company, invited lots of my friends and clients, met PR, Jr., had PR call me darling in front of his friends and mine, and kissed me passionately and only semi-privately at the end of the party as we stood in the kitchen.

It’s also the day I — and he — met the famous interloper.

When she was giving her bio during a presentation of the product they were launching, C turned to me and whispered “she’s like bizarro Planner!”  And she was.  Similar backgrounds, similar age, but she is gorgeous, famous and wildly successful living in the center of the universe and I live here and was dating this interesting, brilliant guy, for whom she set her cap.

Again, I’ve never been mad at him about it.  Hell, would have dated her.  I would have been okay with it had she not made it all so public and nasty.

But she did, and then she wooed some of my friends to try to make her case and keep even more tabs on me as they dated long-distance and I transitioned into being his friend.  There were occasional blowups that became public and there are friends of mine who are no longer my friends, as foolishly, some people picked sides.

She and I have been communicating publicly via social media from time to time for a couple of months.  She reached out to me, about him, when I had been at a show at which he sang — which he never does.  She sometimes posts things I comment on or vice versa.  We both know everything that went down, as do our friends and acquaintances.  And strangers.  It was sort of a big deal in the intersection of our worlds.

She will be here this week, again.  It is likely I will see her at some point.  I do not have any real problem with her.  Her loudness meant their fights were public, too, and he and she were more humiliated as the result of her talking than I ever was.  Ultimately, he ended up with neither of us — but still with both of us.  It’s likely, assuming she’s available and not dating that publisher as I suspect she might be, that she’ll be hooking up with him when she’s here.  They still chat.

I am always a bigger person than some of the bullshit I have to deal with.  But, it’s sad that he’s how we know each other, as she’s actually someone I wish I knew better other than — yeah, we [used to] date the same playboy.

[For the life of me, I have no idea how he does it, but he’s both impossible to deal with and impossible to get completely over.  Oh maybe that’s how.]

She’s ridiculously well-connected, wildly successful, and a total badass.

Next week, she’ll be here and I will likely see her, and we will reacquaint with a “no harm, no foul,” though neither of us will mean it.  There was harm.  There still is.

[The song on my ipod: Rumour Has It.  Ha.]

So, a year ago, we were all at this party, and I met PR, Jr., and the Famous Interloper, and a dozen other people as we had an amazing night.  We played pictionary (which is very fun with brilliant artists and huge whiteboards) and drank wine and I got to hear him in ceo mode and in teaching mode and it made me like him even more.

It was still another week or more until they hooked up, during which we saw each other repeatedly, and got closer and even more public.

But, a year ago today, things started to change, though we had no idea, nor how fast nor how much.