This is the text I just sent to RA, C, TB, and my cousin T:

First contact from [Bon Vivant] six weeks post-breakup: a comment on a checkin on Facebook.


That’s what happened at 10:34 pm.

I was on facebook because I stayed in tonight and I was posting a recipe link or something. 

I realized he was on chat, which I never see.  And then, within 5 minutes, he posted on a checkin from Monday.  

What kind of stupid nonsense is that?!

C responded instantly from her vacation with her boy: “For real??” “Uh”

TB: “He’s not worthy. Facebook. That’s easy.  I’m just sayin.  You’re great and he should be falling all over himself to talk with you.”

Love them both.  I “liked” his comment, so I needn’t say anything, but recognize that I saw it.  It felt like the least involved thing I could do.

But, meanwhile, what the fuck is that bullshit?! Seriously!

What . . . the . . . fuck . . .