I am keeping an eye intensely trained on my scale right now. I have a goal weight in mind: 115. I am currently at 119.2. I look good now

Getting ready for two weeks of events and parties means sorting through wardrobe choices for cocktail parties and receptions and launch parties and barbecues and lawn parties and concerts. Also, the weather will be (1) hot or (2) rainy.

For the most part, I have the most formal and the most casual sorted out. It’s the day stuff if it’s too hot for jeans that is making me crazy.

I have a lot of really cute dresses, all of which are very short. I am starting to think I am too old for so short, and I am becoming a bit obsessed with how I look.

I want to lose another 4 pounds. I am currently at 119.2. I’d like to weigh 115. It is doable. It will also be the thinnest I’ve been in about 16 months, since everyone made me gain weight.

I am dieting: low carb, calorie-restriction plus no liquor.

So far, so good.