LP arrived back today after his business trip.  I reached out to remind him of our plans and confirm.  He canceled.

Me: I just got a cute reminder that you’re on my calendar for tomorrow night. Are we still on? Hope you had a successful trip. 🙂 8:35 PM

LP: I wish I now have [kid] 8:36 PM

LP: Just for back from [city] now 8:36 PM

LP: Exhausted 8:36 PM

Me: Get some rest. We’ll reschedule. xoxo 8:37 PM

I am upset. Obviously.  In fact, I was so upset that I was tempted to take to social media and rant about it.  I didn’t  It’s not his fault.  I am not upset with LP at all.  It’s his ex.  Of course.  Continuing her interference.

So, we’re postponed, which is okay.

I was not convinced it would happen this weekend, but I dutifully made arrangements in case it did.  I made sure the dog was taken care of.  I had told a few friends because I would have to duck out of a function to meet up with him.

I know I will see him at some point.  It’s inevitable.  I will likely talk to him this weekend.

My hatred for his ex . . . higher than ever.  She — again — has continued to have the perfect way to interfere: using their child.