I am at 115 and continuing to lose weight.

I am doing it intentionally.

I definitely look better.  I also look thinner.  I can tell that I do.

I am rather obsessed with my weight at the moment.  I am dieting.  I am calculating always what I am eating because I do not want to gain weight.  I want to keep losing weight, in fact.  I want to get to 112 so that 115 is my heaviest.

I was wearing a sleeveless versace blouse last yesterday — I was attending a funeral for an elegant fashionable woman, so I wore this very elegant blouse and I did have a jacket on as well.  Later when, the jacket was off, I noticed I have some good shape to my arms.  My friend W looked at me and “working out … or anorexia?” I asked the guys if I looked unhealthy and all of them agreed I did not.  But this is about as thin as I should be.  They also thought my arms look alarmingly thin, but my face does not.

So, I can clearly stand to lose 3-4 more pounds.