“[Software Developer]: Just had a beer with your buddy [Bon] 6:57 PM”

Some day, a text like this won’t make me want to throw up.

That day is not today.

I want to throw up.  I had such an intense physical reaction to his message.  Bon Vivant and I are talking again, but still the idea of him hanging out with SD made me ill.
For posterity:
Me: yeah? how’d that go? 6:57 PM
Software Developer: Ran into him walking home. Said hi, we stopped into bar […] & had a beer, talked football, we split. Not that exciting, just figured I’d mention it 6:59 PM
Me: that’s cool. and glad you mentioned it. i had drinks with him last week. he seems healthier. how are you? how was your weekend? 7:01 PM
Software Developer: I’m good, was a fun weekend, got drunk, went tubing with [friend’s] friend from Dallas, hooked up with her in violation of  [friend’s] decree. Good times. You? 7:02 PM
Me: Love that you did that, as a ban just makes it more fun. Saw [touring band], who were great, got food poisoning, went to karaoke anyway. 7:07 PM
Me: Good times all around. 🙂 7:07 PM
Software Developer: Glad to hear you persevered. I wasn’t really even into it, but had to do it on principle. And because I could. 🙂 7:09 PM
Me: You had to on principle! It was the gentlemanly thing to do. 7:12 PM
Software Developer: Exactly. What else could I do? 7:16 PM
Me: That is among the ways you win at life — and why we’re friends. 7:18 PM