Heading downtown with C, I am wearing a short blue dress with a deep v-neck and towering wedge sandals.  I tell her, we are not going to be doing much walking.  She’s in a white pencil skirt, a pink cropped tank, and towering pink stilettos.  We look utterly ridiculous . . . and awesome.

She’s in a terrible mood as the awesome Ken-doll she is dating is ignoring her, she thinks, based on shaky intel from FM, who is notoriously bad at judging relationships.  She has decided to flirt outrageously with everyone else.

I am wearing this dress because it reminds me of something I would wear in the state in which BV and I both lived.  It’s very very upscale beachy.  In fact, the first thing C said when she saw me “I want to borrow that now!”

I buy our first round of drinks at the first bar as I’d accidently forgotten my wallet at home and we had to rush back.  I live 10 minutes from the entertainment district we’re going to, but still, it was obnoxious.

The bar is lame.  We are attracting a lot of attention.  To be honest, I am not exactly certain why, as there are a lot of women in short dresses and towering heels.  But we want to head elsewhere.

We go to my favorite bar, which I went to on my first real date with BV, where he cried while talking about his grandparents and we figured out we knew each other from weeks before we met.  Also, where I had my birthday party.

It is filled with handsome men.  All of whom are talking to us.  They also buy our drinks.  The evening has definitely improved.

Because C is wearing towering stilettos, she wants to sit, which is sort of the opposite thing you should do when your goal is to meet men.

I have just returned from an early dinner with LP and I am waiting to hear that BV is okay, so I am making small talk with men, but I am entirely disinterested.  Which is probably why I am talking to so many men so successfully.

The Software Developer joins us, along with some of his friends.  He and C have a complicated history.  My brief dalliance with him is long in the past.  We are close enough that SD confesses to me at the bar when he is buying a round of drinks that he is still rather pissed at her for being an asshole to him when she was dating her now ex-Ken-Doll.  (They are all tall, blond, ridiculously handsome.)

We adjourn outside on to the patio, as it’s somehow cooler than the packed bar inside.  SD takes a photo of me and C, and we’re all having fun.  It’s now 1240 am and I am drinking a mezcal based cocktail they made for me.  My phone rings but I don’t hear it.  And then two more times.  It’s the Bon Vivant.

I call him back and he’s walking back to his building from a cocktail lounge a couple of blocks from his building and about 4 blocks from where I am sitting.  I invite him to come join us as he adores SD (and hates C, but that’s another thing altogether), but he’s heading home and wants me to come over.  And bring food.

My favorite t0-go food is actually at this bar, so it’s an idea in which I take great pleasure.  Also, unexpectedly for me, I get to see BV again, which means I get to see him before he leaves for his trip.

C is pissed I am leaving.  She also goes on and on about how much she hates BV.

She hates BV for reasons other than the ones normal people hate BV: he is the center of attention when he is around.  She also claims he’s not good for me.

Anyway, I grab food, sit with SD and C for half an hour longer than I should, and then head to BV’s building.  I am beginning to wish I had my little tote bag with me: makeup, extra dress, flats.  Seeing BV tonight is entirely unexpected.

He operates his elevator better this time, though I have to call him a few times before he gets it together.  He is already in bed when I arrive, and I bring our food in to him.
He does love my dress, which I told him I wore for him.

He’s again sort of a drunken mess.

It does not occur to me why, but I know now.  BV is continuing to drink the same as he always has, but he’s stopped doing any party drugs that balance out the alcohol.  As a result, he’s a freaking wreck.  The alcohol is hitting him harder and he hasn’t yet figured out how to balance it out.

He eats, dropping cabbage on the floor and on the bed, and I give him some of my food, too.  I wasn’t that hungry, but who can turn down banh mi.  A few minutes later, he requests more food.  I remind him that the last time I cooked for him [last night], he didn’t eat it.  He promised he would.

His appetite is impressive.  Also related to the lack of party drugs in his system.

We have a movie on in the bedroom and it’s good, but I have to keep getting up to get stuff.  He’s a mess, as I said, and watching him get out of bed to hit the fridge for more water is disturbing enough as he bumps into walls that I just make him stay in bed.

Eventually, he falls asleep, and I soon follow.