As a palate cleanser to my stressful morning, I am playing in my closet.

I have a big meeting tomorrow, so I am thinking through what I can wear, but mostly, I want to see what fits.

After spending the long weekend with BV, I gained not a single ounce, which tells me that the weight I am now — 115 — is my new set point.  Which is awesome.  Because I think I look good.  I sort of want to lose 3 more pounds, so that this is the heaviest I am.

I am already thinking about how I can look my best if BV and I go to that pool party in late June 5 days the food party, so losing 3 more pounds is probably smart.

All of my smallest dresses fit.  Even the ball gown from PRX, the 5’2″ ballerina fits me in width, though sadly, not in length.

Everything I have looks good, even unforgiving American Apparel mini-dresses.

I need to get into shape again, but I like the size of my body.