My friend, the think tank exec, who was with me when BV was monstrous on Friday night . . . all id, no reason . . . has forgiven me.

In fact, he apologized for not being more understanding about what I was dealing with. I apologized for my deplorable behavior, but we both agreed I made the right choices.

We are going for cocktails tomorrow.

I am relieved.

I have not lost sight of BV’s bad behavior when he was blackout drunk. I have not forgotten how it felt to have to intervene repeatedly to protect him from himself.

And I can still hear the songs he sang — and tried to sing — to me that night.

I will always choose to sacrifice my own temporary happiness to save a friend.

Last year, my life was saved by a stranger who found me sitting on a curb after a party at the Chic Hotel. Apparently, my friends had put me in a cab, the driver threw me out when I was sick. I have shifted my behaviors, my choices, and my awareness as a result.

BV caused me pain heading in to last weekend by being such a jealous asshole. I saw all of his worst behaviors in one angry package.

At his worst, he manipulated me to keep me with him when I wanted to keep my plans. Which, as things go, is rather mild.

He has never raised his voice to me,no less his hand. He is offended when I call him something as mild as “brat.”

So, I have forgiven him for his bad behavior, even if I have not forgotten it.

Think Tank Exec has forgiven me and apologized as I have deeply and sincerely apologized to him.