Last Sunday, BV reached out via text to find out where I was watching the game, after I’d posted a photo.

We bantered, and I asked him the question I usually ask him: “Where are you drinking?”

It’s my way of asking, “where are you?”

He responded: “I quit.”

I blithely responded “Impressive.” Then texted him my plans for the afternoon and that Software Developer would be joining me. More banter. Then he went silent. He did not join me.

Things seemed normal though. Clearly, we had recovered after his alcohol-induced drug-related freakout.

I did not hear from him on Monday.

On Tuesday, I called him. I waited until his little fb chat light turned on, so I knew he was awake and on his computer. I wanted to invite him to a fourth of July party. I wanted to see him. It had been six days . . .

His light came on finally, after one:

Me: [bon], call me when you’re up and about. πŸ™‚ [plan] 1:15 PM
BV: What’s up? 1:33 PM
BV: Everything ok? 1:35 PM
[He calls.]
I was not expecting this Bon Vivant. This was a serious, sober Bon Vivant. He had, he told me, quit drinking in earnest. He was attacking errands he should have handled right after he got back. His errands are not what I would have thought.
His economic circumstances have shifted, it appears, and money seems to be an issue.

The rest of our conversation:

Me: Sorry, phone rebooted while I was in the middle of telling you about the joys of cooking and dining in. 2:24 PM
Me: While you were away, I made life changes too: daily exercise and quit my job so i could consult while looking for a new gig. I am much happier, healthier. 2:28 PM
Me: You inspired me. I am excited for you, and excited to help and support any way I can. Downtown later, so call when you’re done with errands. πŸ™‚ 2:30 PM
BV: I can’t afford downtown anymore 2:44 PM
Me: To live? No. To have me take you dinner, yes. 2:46 PM
Me: Just checking to see if you wanted to grab dinner tonight (on me). 6:43 PM
Me: Too bad that fondue place you love is closed. When I say top bad I mean ugh boiling cheese when it’s 100+ out πŸ™‚ 6:44 PM
BV: I’m on a walk But I will take a rain check. Anything free right now is perfect 6:51 PM
Me: You got it. πŸ™‚ enjoy your walk! 6:53 PM