Life moves fast.

Really fast.

And then certain moments crystalize everything.

I was in a car accident.  It was minor.  I have a concussion.  My brain hurts.

Thinking hurts.

I make a living thinking.

I am still articulate.  I am not having memory issues.  I am not having language issues. But if I have to think too hard . . . my brain hurts.  It’s better than yesterday, which is better than the day before.

Immediately after the accident in which I was a passenger in a car FM was driving, we went to a bar, not a hospital.  My neck hurt.  That was it.

We drank heavily.  I was with FM and the goal was: drink.

I texted the three current men in my life-ish, just to see the response: LP, the Bon Vivant, and the new man, the Editor.

The men each responded appropriately and in ways that are so true to their personalities: LP was first and emotional and yet didn’t follow-up until late the next day.  The Bon Vivant was within 20 minutes, but sincerely upset.  He’s followed up every few hours.  The Editor’s message is so quintessentially him that I will share it in its entirety:

Editor: Shit. What happened–were you rear-ended? If your neck is killing you already, you should definitely go to a doc. It will likely get worse. As you may know, the effects of whiplash often don’t manifest themselves fully until much–sometimes years–later. So sorry. 5:29 PM
And, that’s the Editor.