So, I started off in Accidents Will Happen talking about this head injury I sustained in a car accident.

It has been a week and it is still affecting me. I have mental fatigue. When I get tired, I get confused.

Until today, every day had been remarkably better than the day before. Today was rough.

I am also bloated with pms and the combination is making it complicated for me to get things done.

I am expecting another week during which I need to be sensitive to my brain injury. I am doing what I can to alleviate stress, which is hard as I cannot exercise.

I will be fine. I am not fine.

I appreciate the Editor even more through this because I know he’s paying attention. He is a pampered, spoiled man, who I have uncharitably, yet not inaccurately, described as an aristocratic hipster with European taste and manners. And, yet, he is worried about my head. He wants me to feel safe and protected. He cares.

I was laughing with C earlier that when I broke my toe in July, he immediately insisted that he deliver some hardcore painkillers to me. I did this on a date with the Bon Vivant, and I was home, having cabbed, and in pain and this man — who I had not yet met — wanted to come over to bring me drugs. I declined, and he was irritated not because he wanted to see me, but because he wanted to help me and I was being an idiot.

So I am doing what I can to reduce my stress level and I am giving myself a break. And I have to talk about it constantly because people forget and I can’t.