I am recovered from a head injury from a minor car accident.

I am recovering from overwhelming family-related stress, as yet unresolved, but I am managing through.

I am recovering from malaise both personally and professionally and I am improving every day.

I am working harder and smarter and better.

I am saying farewell to a lot of unhealthy things in my life.

I have picked a weight, and I am, so far, staying in a slightly higher ranger than before. I was afraid I would be tempted to drop down to 110 from 113.  I have settled on 115.  I am a 2, always, but it’s a weight where I feel good, and still look thin, but not alarmingly thin.

Two pounds doesn’t sound like a lot, but it feels healthier and it looks healthier.

Let’s see, what else . . .

I am actually making money.  Still not enough, but some and I can see a trajectory that will be sustainable.

I am happy.  My life feels more within my control.

With the exception of where I will be living within the next few weeks as I am either buying this place from my mother or selling it on the open market.  It is what it is.

On the romance front, I am still dating The Editor (“TED”), but I have not seen him since he left my place three weeks ago.  We’ve had challenges and difficulties because he allowed his friend to move in with him, and then she derailed our opportunities to spend time together.

She moved out yesterday, and he was back in regular contact with me last night, and again today.  We are dating.  I whined to my girlfriend C that I could not figure out why I am dating him.  Her answer: “because he’s hot.”  That’s half of it.  He’s ridiculously hot and brilliant and cosmopolitan, etc.  He is high-maintenance.  My cousin T teased me last week: “how can you date someone higher maintenance that you?”  And, it’s a little complicated.

He is used to being spoiled and pampered and he expects me to spoil him.

Yet, as I am spoiled and pampered and high-maintenance, we are not separate on that.

But the reality is that there is some ineffable connection between us.  We are dating because we are connected, even though this month has been challenging.

It feels like a different lifetime being sad and depressed and disconnected and connecting  for fun with the Bon Vivant.

My life is different now.  Not necessarily better, but definitely different.  And healthier.  Less fun, fewer adventures, fewer dates, less romance, less potential for things, and much much healthier.

I like the fact that this accident forced me to hit the reset button in everything.

I am more efficient. I am more focused.  I am more dedicated to success.

I am setting good habits and sticking to them.

It all feels better.