I feel better than I have in years.

I am stronger and more confident.

I am happy, which is weird because my stress level is through the roof.

So, I am around.

I am dating . . . everyone in the world, I think. I went out with PR, made plans with TED, bumped into the Bon Vivant who was an over the top ass, went out with a new guy or two, and then had a fling with someone sort of awesome who is in town this week on business.

None of this feels weird. All of it feels smart. I’ve been talking to my friends about the difference between adventure and calculated risks.

I am doing fewer dumb random things. I am doing calculated dumb things.

I will check in with a broader update, a new crush I am semi-shacking up with this week at the CHB, and I am attending the wor;ds’ most ridiculous parties.

So, things are good.