technical difficulties: my computer has failed, so I am typing on a borrowed ipad plus wireless keyboard, which is a far better solution than anything I’d cobbled together so far. Still, I have drafts sitting in my dashboard and it’s a little hard to edit on this thing.

I saw the Bon Vivant briefly today for champagne. He looked healthy and happy and sober (aside from the champagne we were drinking). We still love each other — of course — but very much from afar.

My friends, who’d not yet met him, were surprised by how handsome he is. Same thing with the LDF.

Ahem, of course they are handsome …

There are lots of big changes happening in my life. Too many to outline.

I am working hard and making progress. I am no longer depressed, I am not in any danger of wanted to escape my problems. I am instead dealing with things, rolling with the punches, and making things happen.

I am not dating anyone — excluding my crush on the LDF of course. I try hard to keep some emotional distance between us, and I try to parcel out the amount I contact him . . . but he’s really great. My friends JerkFace and C group messaged him and me on Friday and he was so utterly charming.

They confirmed he will be back here in two months — for ten whole days. I do wonder if we will still know each other then, and if we will have seen each other before then.

I assume on both counts we will. He was lovely and managed through it very well.

I feel like a very lucky girl.

I should be asleep as tomorrow will be a long, long day, but I am tempted to stay up and write and relax and unwind.

My brain is full. My heart is full. I know how lucky I am to be where I am, surrounded by so many people who like and love me.

This weekend was special because I got to see so many of them in pairs or trios. I got to hug people I love.

I could not have asked for anything more . . . except maybe to have awoken next to my Long-Distance Fling. Some day soon, that will happen, too.

For now, I got to brain dump everything happening to W and JF. I got to barhop with JF and C and chat with the LDF. I got to brunch with the Software Developer, his gf, the Bon Vivant and his best guy friend who was there when we met, along with the reporter.

Silliness abounded. Hugs happened. Things were great. Things are great.

I am lucky and I appreciate everything I have and everything it means.