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Tonight was intense and real: the Bon Vivant called me to talk. He had something he needed to tell me and he did . . . for hours.

He was going through a breakup with the girl he dated before me. They’d reconciled, though he knew it was wrong, and she hurt him badly again.


So, we talked about everything. I told him about LP and PR and my dad and how important it is to date someone from our world.

He told me everything including his absurd claim they hadn’t had sex. He always says this. It might be true. I have no idea.

I did not tell him about the LDF. I did tell him about the insanity with LP and how PR hurt me and I still showed up and was gracious and BV was really impressed that I handled it so well.

We talked about us and the fact that we still love each other and always will and that it’s bigger than just a relationship. We are family. I am his best friend.

He tells me everything.

We are going to be hanging out more as friends. My world is filled with better healthier people than his. It’s time for him to spend more time with my people.

When he needed to reach out, he called k, me, and the software developer. Fascinating.

So much more ground to cover here but it’s so late.