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I heard something so utterly bizarre about the new man in my life that I am not certain he will long be the new man in my life.

According to the Reporter, GT is an inveterate liar, whose friends recently confronted him about it. GT’s best friend’s girlfriend, who is close to the Reporter, told him about it on Saturday, and said that the two best friends are no longer best friends.

It makes absolutely no sense.

We have a friend who is a fabulist, who tends to make everything about himself, even the recent death of a young friend of ours.  The Reporter indicated its something like that.

But, that makes no sense to me whatsoever, as my interactions with GT have been so singularly excellent and real.  There has been no puffery, no exaggerations of things, no stories of derring-do.

The Reporter, GT’s best friend and GT’s best friend’s girlfriend were all with me tonight and no one but me mentioned GT, and that was only really in passing, as he had just been rather seriously injured the night before and is now in a cast.  I mentioned it only because the Reporter is similarly injured as it the girl the Reporter is taking out on Thursday.

No one reacted strangely to GT’s name, and none of us followed up.  I don’t really discuss my personal life that publicly, and they are his friends.

The Reporter told me after they left about the conversation from the weekend before.

It is possible, the Reporter admitted, that he got it wrong, as he was drinking heavily and apparently other things he thought the girl told him he’d made up in his head.

But, it’s a red flag.

Honor is important.  Reputation is important.

Being with someone whose honor and reputation are such that his friends felt the need to confront him is impossible for me.

I know those people.  I like those people.

The Reporter admitted he didn’t know GT well but that all of his interactions with him have always been good.

He said he only told me because I mentioned what a good man GT seemed to be.

I am glad he told me, but now I need to figure how to proceed.