I have been doing the most random stuff. By which I mean men.

I used to have a hard and fast rule: one guy per menstrual cycle. It was essentially to avoid an unplanned situation, but it also kept me out of making really slutty decisions.

But, when I have been really and truly single, I get a little slutty. And by slutty I really mean behaving as a reasonably attractive man would.

I turn down a lot of sex.

I say that like it is somehow meaningful. It’s not.

The fact is that since LP crushed me again, I’ve started having a lot of random sex.

A lot.

Like this is the third random guy I’ve picked up late in the evening and had sex with. The guy in whose bed I am currently lying.

And I don’t actually feel guilty about it.

I should, I suppose. Random sex with random strangers or friends of friends is stupid.

But it doesn’t really feel wrong.

It feels rather right.