About Them

Since they pop up a lot, here is a rundown of the Cast of Characters:

BFD is currently my ex-boyfriend, although that changes from time to time.  We had what I consider the best first date ever (hence “BFD” — he is also kind of a big effing deal.)  We are very involved with each other, though we broke up officially and forever at the end of January, 2010 . . . and then had two dates on consecutive Tuesdays.

LP is an attorney — wildly successful with an enormous practice that keeps him working 18-21 hour days.  I met him while I was dating BFD, when he approached me at a bar. He contacted me again a couple of months later, telling me to contact him when I was single.  Which I did.  For myriad reasons, we’re not together right now, but we’re not exactly apart, either.  LP is one of the only men in the world that BFD would be able to accept as a successor SO. I fell for him quickly, for obvious reasons.

BV is the Bon Vivant, and my most recent serious relationship of the Fall.  I met him and we fell for each other immediately.  Apparently, that happens.  I referred to him as “Trouble” from the beginning, which was quite accurate.

FM has been the most important relationship I’ve had for the past 11 months.  I had been seeing him on and off, he moved in with me when we were no longer seeing each other.  We have fought loudly and publicly, we love each other passionately, and we are not interested in being each other’s significant other.  We broke up forever on the day after my birthday.

PR, PRX, and PR, Jr. are all related to each other and have been important people I met through PR, hence their names.  PR is a man I dated until mid-March 2011. PRX is his on/off girlfriend of many years, who was dating someone until about mid-March. She is now one of my best girlfriends. PR, Jr. is PR’s best guy friend and sidekick, who has become one of my frequent companions.

A is essentially my ex-husband, as we were together for over 7 years.  We’re still close friends and he house/cat sits for me when I travel.  Recovering from our breakup took about a year and was one of the reasons I began writing here.

BP is my very close friend and business partner. I was sort of dating him, mostly secretly, for a few weeks in Summer 2008.

N is the man I dated between BP and BFD.   I have been his stand-in date for events and we have gone out on two dates in March 2010. Now, we’re done.

TNG is The Nice Guy I dated after BFD and I broke up again in January, and while I was getting over LP. We broke up a lot, still sort of friendly.

YM is the younger man I dated briefly who has become a very close friend.  He is also very close to FM.

The rest:

AR is the “Alternate Reality.” A named him that and A still harbors guilt about not breaking up with me with AR was still single. We love each other, but we’ve never dated. It’s rather sad when timing is just so completely off. He’s married and that’s all there is to it. I am his alternate reality, too.

JF is one of my best friends. He’s also an ass. We all believe he has a secret, but none of us know what it is.

W is the most judgmental of my best friends. He believes he knows best, though his marriage and divorce are the stuff of legend for bone-headed, tone-deaf, bizarrely incompetent life choices.

E rounds out my trio of best friends. He is shockingly normal and balanced. We cannot figure out why he is our friend. He has been with his girlfriend K, for more than a year. She has become a dear friends and a great source of advice.

My best friends are a little family and we’ve all been friends for more than a decade. They believe, erroneously, that they get a vote on my life and my relationships.

The more minor players:

XP is my ex-business partner and ex-boyfriend, who I dated before A. He was my boyfriend before we went into business together. He badly broke my heart by cheating on me in the most humiliating way possible.

Q is a model I dated between XP and A with whom I share a mild eating disorder. We are still friends.

X is an ex-friend. Things ended so badly between us he ignored the single business email I sent him in a year and defriended me on myspace. That means he’s an idiot, but I did not know that until he acted like a petulant toddler. Also, according to everyone here, he was completely in love with me. I was completely oblivious. Of course.


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