My Diet History

In August, 2005, I started my weight loss odyssey. It was when I first thought, “OMG, I have to get in shape.”

Back then, my brain wasn’t working so well: my memory was declining and I couldn’t remember words as easily. I do not think it was obvious to anyone but me, but I was very aware that something wasn’t right. Oh, and I would get a bit winded taking groceries from the car up one flight.

I was getting very frustrated. I was 35 and weighed 170 pounds. I had just spent a week in France with my mother and my aunt/godmother and I did not recognize myself in any of the photos we took. I didn’t feel “ugly” . . . I just didn’t look like me.

My first diet was just trying to eat under 1200 calories and do aerobics 45 minutes a day. Failure. I am looking back at my journal and I went from 170 to 166.8 the first full week. I was drinking body for life shakes, eating zone bars, ravioli, etc. By the 9th day, I figured out I needed to keep net calories (food – exercise) at 860. It took me months to drop the first 10 pounds.

By then, I had switched to Perricone, which I loved, but it was higher in calories and I was drinking superfood and pomegranate juice and kefir. My love of exercise, which had never existed before, started to kick in and I was really enjoying walking the Trail, listening to audio books, while wearing my heart rate monitor. Over the months, I was tracking everything on myfooddiary, and aiming for 1000 cal net, which was lower than what they recommended. Still I never got below 158.

I started again in my journal on February 4, 2006 when I weighed 161.8. I was just back from an international business trip. I decided to “refine my workout and eating. I am going to eat more protein and stop eating bread, starch, etc. I have noticed I feel better when I eat protein.” Duh, but I had not yet accepted it. Over the next two months, I refined my diet, but I really didn’t see any progress. I bounced between 158 (lowest weight 157.4 — for one day) and 161.6.

In fact, by April 1, 2006, I still weighed 161.4 and had 43.8% body fat. I had started working out with H, who I absolutely adore, twice a week for an hour a session. Over the months she trained me, I got stronger and stronger, but I really didn’t see much weight progress. By July 4th, I weighed 162.4. Still, I continued working out because I felt better. My brain worked better. My posture had improved and I felt strong. I had definitely lost body fat.

I started traveling more and I had to quit training (it was more $400/month, plus $80/month gym membership . . . yikes). I kept exercising and walking the trail with my heart rate monitor.

Still I was not making much progress, so I started over on March 8, 2007 by doing Atkins, when I weighed 167.4.

Obviously that was the right move: I lost 6 pounds the first week, and 3.5 pounds of body fat (according to the Tanita scale which is a bit inaccurate taken in the morning). In the first month, I lost 10 pounds. I was beginning to exercise regularly.

I hit a major problem on Day 34:

I experienced the second worst pain of my life. It was in my kidney. It started off feeling like a slight muscle tweak in my lower back. Then it started to radiate. By the time I stood up, it hurt to breathe.

I knew it was my kidney before I called [the ex] at work. I think that’s why I called him, but I was in serious distress. I laid down on the bed and tried to get comfortable. Sympathetic pains kicked in, causing my fibroids to kick up.

I actually thought I was going to die. I was making plans to go to the emergency room, but I didn’t want to.

The extreme pain passed after a couple of hours and I was just left an injury type pain.

Since then, I have been drinking a ton of water (or as much as I can handle, which isn’t that much), and trying to take it easy. Now, a couple of days hence, I feel pretty much back to normal.

Not going to abandon the diet yet, but I am carefully monitoring it.

At three months, I was on the trail 5 days/week and I had lost 15 pounds and 9.5 pounds of body fat. I had been nervous about putting on weight with exercise, but that did not happen. I felt great. I was in a new set of clothes and my brain was fully working.

At four months, I was at 147.8, down 19.6 pounds and 13.4 pounds of fat. I was starting to get some exercise related injuries to my arch, but I was still on the trail, though most of it was closed due to our flooding.

At the end of month 5, I had lost 2 pounds. I was extremely busy and stressed out. It was a very bad month. I wasn’t exercising regularly, if at all (my journal just recorded my weight with very few notes). My hormones were out of whack, I was fighting with a business associate, the ex (who was then still the current) was starting to cycle out of control after the situation with his mother.

In month 6, I continued to lose weight. My lowest recorded weight was at the beginning of the month: 144.2. Then, he broke up with me and I was a mess. I wrote about it on my tracking page and then I was too sad to look at it.

From August to October, I gained 5 pounds. I wasn’t exercising at all because I broke my foot. I could barely stand long enough to cook food so I spent much of September making calcium-laden blue-cran kefir smoothies. I restarted my diet, but stopped tracking it every day, which was a mistake. I was not eating poorly — I just was not exercising.

I continued to weigh myself every day, but my weight stayed relatively stable bouncing between 150.6 and 148. Really, I was just trying to survive.

Somehow, I put on 7 pounds between October and December 27: Thanksgiving, Christmas, parties, eating Home Slice pizza every couple of weeks, and cookies made by the ex, with still no exercise. Really, it’s a mystery.

I restarted my diet in earnest on December 27, 2007, when I weighed 157.2, and began this journal.

I hit my goal weight within 5 months losing more than 30 pounds.

Since the end of August, I lost additional weight.  My current range is 118-122, with most days between 119.8 and 120.6.  I have lost nearly 38 pounds since the December 27, 2007 and more than 50 pounds since my highest weight in August, 2005.

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1 thought on “My Diet History”

  1. you know what! i learned something from my therapist that helped me to lose fat naturally. it’s all in the mind, and it’s true. just like as if you want to quit smoking (if you happen to smoke) when you see something so delicious, tell yourself, “i’m not gonna die if i don’t eat it. maybe some other time”. try hard and you’ll manage to resist those fatty food …. without having to cut so much on your eating. eat more (multiple times), but in smaller portion … that’s healthier. i lost 11 months and now i’m just maintaining it, and getting used to it, before i proceed futher on losing more weight.

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